Whickham Parochial Pre School

"Education is not filling a bucket but lightning a fire"


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Whickham Parochial Pre-school Broadway, Whickham, Newcastle upon Tyne NE16 5QW

Just a few reminders for parent/carers.  Please remember to bring a drawstring bag with a spare change of clothes please

label all your child's items clearly with their name.  

Children  may stay for a school lunch  which can be purchased for £2.00 per lunch which includes a main meal and a pudding for menu's please ask pre-school staff.  If you do not wish to purchase a school lunch you can provide a healthy packed lunch.

If you have any questions with regards the above please just ask we are always here to help.

Whickham Parochial Pre-school has a Facebook page where parents can access brief information, friendly chat and information. Here is a link if you have Facebook


Whickham Parochial School has a group of parents who are ‘Friends of Whickham’, parents of children within the pre-school are invited to be members if they wish. You can keep up to date on their Facebook page


When the time comes for you to apply for your child’s place at school here is a link to Gateshead School Admissions.


*Please remember, your child will NOT automatically be given a place at Whickham Parochial Primary School, you must apply for a place in Reception.

Any parents wishing to volunteer within the pre-school, please ask Mrs. Warne for details. If you have a skill or passion you think the children would benefit from please don’t be afraid to share it with us. We would love to have you within the setting. We have had parents cook with and for the children, sew, paint, dance and take care of our garden. Some parents have talked about their work or brought in unusual pets. We love the children to have an array of experiences and your speciality may be something new to us.


If you would like to train to be in childcare you can ask about doing your placement with us. Here is a link to some local childcare training providers:

Gateshead Pre-school Learning Alliance: 0191 4771254


or on Facebook:


National Pre-school Learning Alliance



Gateshead Pre-school Learning Alliance can tell you where all your local Baby and Toddler groups are. They also have a fantastic shop which sells craft items and other child related items such as party bags, books, birthday cards etc. All at really good prices. Give them a ring for more details.

Gateshead College:


Newcastle College:


Any parent/carer who would like any advice with regards to diets for children, lunch box ideas, fussy eathers and healthy eating for kids there is a new website with some usefull information you may like to access: